What if my pet dies at home or when my vet is closed?

You have several options. One is to locate a 24-hour veterinary practice that is able to receive the body and hold it until we are able to pick them up. Another option is to keep the body cold at home until we are able to pick them up. If you are comfortable with this option, we recommend that you utilize a waterproof bag and a cold environment such as a deep freezer. You can go directly to our website to schedule a pickup or call us during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00) to schedule a pickup or a dropoff and we will receive the body as soon as possible.

What is cremation?

Cremation is a method of body disposal that serves as an alternative to traditional burial. The pet’s remains are incinerated in a cremation chamber or “retort” and reduced to basic chemical compounds – gases, ashes, and mineral fragments — which are sometimes referred to as “cremains.” Following a sufficient period of cool down, the bone particles and ash are retrieved from the retort and then processed into a fine powder. The cremains is then placed into a secure clear cremation bag. Then, the bag is returned to you as is, placed into the memorialization urn of your choice.

Can my vet help me with cremation for my pet?

Yes. People typically choose their veterinarians for their heroic life-prolonging or sustaining capabilities. Though many veterinarians have some knowledge of the cremation process, this is not their specialty. However, by using your local trusted funeral planner to handle your pet cremation, you can rest assured that you are getting a professional who has been highly trained with much experience when it comes to cremation. So, though your veterinarian has been a trusted advisor to you when it comes to your pet’s good health, it only makes sense to seek out the professional assistance of your trusted local funeral director when it comes to his after care needs.

Do I have to purchase a casket for my pet’s cremation?

No. On occasion, family members will wrap their pet in a favorite blanket or some other personal article of meaning to the pet or family members.

How much does cremation cost?

Pricing varies depending on your preferred type of cremation and the memorialization options you choose. Please call our office to discuss specific pricing and allow us to answer any other questions you might have. 844-800-3504

How long after my pet’s death will it take to receive the urn?

Your pet is usually returned within 7 to 14 days after we have received them. We do have an option for expedited pickup and returns. Each service requested will be assigned a reference number so that you may track your pet once they are in our care.

Are more pets cremated than buried today?

For several reasons, the majority of pets are cremated today. First, in many urban communities, ordinances or space restrictions prohibit owners from burying their pets in the backyard. With our society becoming so much more mobile, choosing cremation gives you the ability to take your pet’s cremated remains with you if you move to another home.

Do most pet owners choose a individual or communal cremation?

This is really an individual choice. Fifteen years ago, most families chose communal cremation – as most chose not to receive back their pet’s cremated remains. Today, that ratio has flipped and more pet families are choosing individual and/or private cremation as they prefer to have their pet’s cremated remains returned to them.

How do I know I am going to get back my pet’s cremated remains?

Heavenly Paws utilizes a digital tracking system so that you may track your pet from the time of pickup to the moment their remains are returned to you. By using this system, we can provide you with absolute proof that you are receiving back your pet’s cremated remains. Furthermore, if you desire, we can facilitate arrangements for you to be present at your pet’s cremation for the ultimate peace of mind.

Are all pet crematories alike?

No. Most states do not regulate pet crematories. Thus, the quality of their facilities, services, and staff can vary widely. What most pet owners don’t realize is that the majority of pet cremation providers are not even located in their community.

Heavenly Paws proudly offers pet aftercare services with the highest standards in the communities we serve. We are members of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC) and the Pet Loss Professional Alliance (PLPA), your assurance that our facilities, procedures, and customer care are well above industry standards.

Is there only one type of cremation?

There are 3 types of pet cremations.

Private Cremation is when your pet is the only pet in the retort during the cremation process. This guarantees you will receive only your pet’s remains back.

Individual cremation is when your pet is cremated by itself or separated from others during the cremation. This process allows for remains to be separate ensuring you will receive your pet’s remains back.

Communal cremation is when the retort is filled to capacity with pets and all of their cremated remains are commingled as a result. With this type of cremation, it is impossible for the provider to return your pet’s cremated remains to you.

Because of the lack of regulation, it is important for you to ask your pet cremation provider what they mean when they use the terms like individual cremation in order to ensure you are clear about the choice you are making.

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