Bailey Bear Allen


My sweet baby girl, my girlfriend, my bailey bear, my best little thing in the whole wide world, my everything. I will always have you in my heart and cherish every moment we spent together with our cuddle buggles, belly rubs, sweet kisses, walks with you barking to protect daddy from others, barking when i leave for 2 minutes and still be so happy to see me return, and being my shadow since day 1. You will be my forever companion and best friend. You will always be daddy’s best little thing in the whole wide world, and will always be going forward into eternity together once we are reunited. Daddy loves you with everything I’ve got and reciprocates everything you have and always will give to me. ❤️




Cowboy lived a good long life with us for 15 years. When he was young he swam in the pool with us, loved playing ball or Frisbie. He loved on everyone by standing up and giving them hugs. He is in a heavenly home now, but will never be forgotten.




In loving memory of Mickey, a cherished canine companion who brought boundless joy and playfulness to our home. With his infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy, Mickey wasn’t just a pet; he was the heartbeat of our household.

From his mischievous days as a troublemaker to transforming into the happiest and most joyful dog, Mickey’s journey mirrored the warmth and love he shared with everyone around him. His friendly nature turned strangers into instant friends, and his antics made us laugh even on the toughest days.

Mickey, with his wagging tail and bright eyes, taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. Despite his occasional escapes, each return was a reminder of the special bond we shared. As we say goodbye, we hold onto the countless memories of Mickey as the playful and radiant soul who forever remains the light of our house.

May his memory continue to bring smiles and warmth to our hearts. Rest in peace, dear Mickey. 🌈🐾




She had a love for all people loved to go visit every one loved her treat s and blanked just the happiest little one ever !


Ms. Harley


Ms. Harley was a very loyal & loving girl. She loved children so much . Out of our 5 dogs she was the boss of them all . She wasn’t afraid too attack our pitbulls on their ankles if they got in her way ( lol ). She loved sleeping on top of her momma . She will be greatly missed. She could spend ours basking in the sun or chasing flying bugs above the grass in the backyard.


Chu (Chuy)


Chu was such a blessing to our family. He loved the outdoors and life. Growing up with our grandchildren, he loved Mishka the talking husky video. He would actually stand on his hind legs and mimic "Mishka, I love you'" that was his absolute favorite.
We will forever treasure his unconditional love for us and remain forever in our hearts and memories.




Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear. Pepper, you have given us over 15 years of unconditional love and joy and we will never forget you. We love you and you will be sorely missed. Rest in peace little buddy.


Roxy Daisy Cardona


Dear Roxy,
I miss you so much. When you left me, I felt apart of me go with you. I will forever miss you and love you. I miss how you followed me everywhere and greet me when I came home. My sweet girl, my forever baby you are truly missed. I still can’t believe you’re gone. I want you back so bad.
Love always, your mommy


Callie girl


Our girl was adopted from ACS in San Antonio along with her buddy Charlie. He went on to live in Waxahatchie with family. Callie brought so much joy to us for many years. She always kept a watchful eye on everyone. She was a protector. When baby Noah was born she told mom to get out of the way, she would handle it better. A true mommy. Callie enjoyed wearing dresses, costumes, pearls and wigs. One year she got lost and the power of the internet brought her back to us. My girl loved chicken anyway she could get it. Rest in heavenly peace with the angels my sweet girl. ❤️


Baby Girl


Part of the family. Always there for us. She will be missed. Love you Baby Girl