Skeeter – We all loved you so much. Your passing was so fast and unexpected that no one was ready. I can't stop tearing up when I think of you not greeting me every morning anymore. The special way you would stretch your big ole body up my side and paw at me as if to say "Hello human, please open the child's door so I can step on their faces." I shouldn't have been working so much, maybe I would have noticed that you were losing weight. 11 years wasn't enough time with you. I'm going to miss our Fishing games- where you would put your tail under the bottom of the door, and wait for me to try and slap it… so you could turn around and slap me instead. I miss when I would be working from home, and you absolutely wouldn't allow it. You would get up on my desk and stare at me while I was trying to look through you to my computer screens. You never wanted anything, you just didn't think that I should be working. I can't believe I have to go on without you now. I'll miss you forever. I'm sorry I didn't see the changes in you sooner to try and catch and fix the illness before it was too late. I hope all of your pain is gone, and your strength is back and you are back to your full 17 pounds of glory. I love you fatcat.